Juli baker and summer –
‘i said goodbye to me’

ARTIST’S ZINE BOX PROJECT is a brand-new project inspired by the Japanese magazine book or ‘MOOK’, which features an artist’s zine box and their art collection.

‘i said goodbye to me’ is the latest zine of juli baker and summer, a leading Thai artist renowned for her vivid and bold brushstrokes.


The zine includes a handwritten story and original paintings from the “i said goodbye to me” exhibition at ART Is Tokyo Gallery, which depict a celebration of change in her life as well as her dedication to her departed granny through conversations between juli and the butterfly.

Beside the original English and Japanese versions, this ARTIST’S ZINE BOX is now available in Thai edition by Spacebar Zine, containing a poster and a small glass printed with her lovely artwork.

Zine : 32 pages, size 18×25.5 cm
Glass : 170 ml
Poster : A3