Established in 2016, SPACEBAR ZINE by SPACEBAR DESIGN STUDIO is a collaborative project involving writers, illustrators, and
artists from Thailand who share a passion for creating their own zines. Initially a small studio, we crafted zines for diverse projects
and print festivals, debuting at the Bangkok Art Book Fair.

Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant zine community in Thailand, celebrating the idea that anyone can create their own
publication, regardless of age or gender.

As a Zine Producer, we offer friendly support to artists, writers, students, and individuals of all generations who are interested in
zines and publishing. We provide consultation and guidance throughout the entire process, from generating ideas and printing to distribution and exhibition.

(Left ) Founder : Wiew Wimonporn Wisidh ( Ratchataganok )
(Right) Co-Founder : Phuphu Wisaruth Wisidh


After the COVID era, Spacebar Zine has reopened its shop and studio for enthusiasts to come and browse and purchase printed materials. These include zines produced by Spacebar Zine in collaboration with Thai artists and enthusiasts, as well as curated printed materials from around the world, including zines, art books, photobooks, art prints, and various goods.

Furthermore, we also offer one-day workshops on zine-making, allowing participants to create their own zines immediately.
We host book talks and regularly organize activities related to independent prints.


Shop & Studio: The Upper Ground Chatuchak 4th Floor.
(MRT – Kamphaengphet Station Exit 1)
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel. +66 945474885
[email protected]


  • Bangkok Art Book Fair
  • Singapore Art Book Fair
  • Tokyo Art Book Fair
  • Seoul Art Book Fair
  • Taipei Art Book Fair

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