Workshop details::

  • Receive your own ZINE, printed, cut, and stitched, 3 volumes (+1 volume for Showcase in the studio), totaling 4 volumes, each not exceeding 12 pages.
  • Get acquainted with Zine from ideation, storytelling, layout design, to utilizing artwork files.
  • Learn digital printing systems, paper selection.
  • Experience binding, cutting, and stitching (saddle stitch) or other techniques.
  • Learn pricing and publishing processes.

*Participants must bring their image files or data they want to use for their zine in digital format or other formats
(if scanning is required here or additional layouts are needed here *inform in advance).

**For convenience, participants may bring their own notebooks (or not, inform us in advance).
Upon booking, staff will contact for further detaCost: 2,500 Baht per person (includes equipment, printing costs for ZINE, paper, cutting, and stitching, everything)

***Refreshments and beverages

Reservation via Line: @gospacebar (with @) before the workshop to prepare equipment, paper, and printing suitable to your needs

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